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Party Lighting, Dance Floor Lighting, Up Lighting, Fog 

Party Lighting

Light it up

Our party lighting is for any type of party ! With our party lighting it makes the party complete, fun and exciting, The party lighting can be used for any ball room or hall.  We can provide a variety of colors for a professional look throughout the party.

Dance Floor Lighting, Led & Laser

Spectacular Look

Our LED laser and  motion dance floor lights gives an awesome look to make your event even more exciting with a touch of light !  The dance floor lighting is equipped with a variety of colors that change with the sound of the music.  The dance floor lighting can be adjusted to cover the entire room for a spectacular look. 


Any Color

We provide up lighting for any event, (any color) to add a spectacular look for your hall.   We program the color(s) that you desire, once we arrive the color(s) that you chose is already preset !


Party in the fog

We can provide a fog machines for any type of event. The fog machine will give your party an extra flare of excitement ! The fog will flow around the room all night, working along with the lighting for a party  that will never stop !